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Welcome to Bonjuur

Hi, I am Omer, founder of Bonjuur. But you can also call me a hedonist. Recently, this became my tagline simply because I want to get my bed made every day.

I grew up in Turkey with the privilege of having a driver, a cook, and a maid. When I moved to New York to pursue a master's degree, Uber became my driver, and Doordash became my cook. However, I quickly realized that on-demand cleaning services have nothing to do with the benefits of having a daily maid.

I hate to see my undone bed right before going to sleep; 

I hate to see my empty coffee cup remaining on the coffee table in the morning;

Or even worse, I hate to see the dishes in the sink when got back home after a long workday.


Even though it would only take me 20 minutes a day to tidy up, I still don't do it. I admit to being a lazy hedonist and unfortunately, I cannot afford a live-in maid in the USA, duh.


However, it is 2023; why can't I just get a daily cleaning service for 20 minutes each day? I understand that, in my grandma's day, it wouldn't have been feasible for a cleaner to commute an hour just for twenty minutes of work. But today, why can't we just pool the demand from my neighbors in the same building or next door and basically time-share a cleaner?

Now, we can, darling!


So here I founded bonjuur with the mission of improving the quality of daily life by making traditionally lavish services accessible. Cause, in fact, they are not more "lavish" than paying a random stranger to give you a lift.

Join the revolution, say Bonjuur!

We will make you question the things you are spending money on, and the things not.

And by the time you ask yourself 'Why not?' you will have realized the worth of your time.

Omer Bese

Housekeeper, Founder & CEO

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